Swedish Startup Space

With help and from

  • Stockholm IT Region

    Swedish Startup Space is proud to be one of the partners to Stockholm IT Region. It is a collaborative project run by a number of public and private groups aimed at further strengthening the competitiveness of the ICT industry in the Stockholm region.

  • Jansson & Norin

    Jansson & Norin is a young, exciting law firm with offices in both Gothenburg and Stockholm. They are entrepreneurs at heart and love helping small businesses through the variety of legal issues they often face. The team specialize in IT & Intellectual Property Law, Company Law and Civil Litigation – meaning they’re the perfect partner for a growing company.

  • Cloud Royale

    Swedish Startup Space is proudly running on Cloud Royale, which is a Swedish Cloud VPS platform.

    Cloud Royale offers us all the configuration we want through a simple yet beautiful dashboard, go ahead and check out Cloud Royale!

  • oDesk

    oDesk is where businesses go to find, hire, collaborate with and pay leading freelancers from more than 180 countries. With a community of over 3 million freelancers and 1 million businesses, on oDesk it’s easy to hire a top freelancer. Find a developer, freelance designers or other talented freelancers with the most in-demand skills.

  • Thoughtbot

    thoughtbot turns ideas into prototypes and helps those prototypes grow into independent companies. With 10 years of experience, offices in major tech hubs, and a staff of developers and designers from startup backgrounds, thoughtbot can assist in all steps of the business and development process.

  • e-conomic

    e-conomic offers accounting software to small and medium sized companies. With e-conomic you get an easy and intuitive accounting program, which you can tailor to match your needs. As a result, you will be able to automatize your bookkeeping saving you time, money and frustrations. Consequently you will be able to use your resources where they will be of most value.

  • SSES

    The Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship unites the region’s top universities of medicine, technology, economics and design in order to provide a unique mix of backgrounds and competencies, invigorating the entrepreneurial spirit by providing students with education and inspiration in applied entrepreneurship.

  • Humblebee

    Humblebee is a digital studio in Gothenburg. Together we fuse creativity, design, technology and interaction in order to deliver effective projects based on a lean approach with a focus on prototyping and early evaluation according to build, measure, learn.

If you’re interested in being seen here and partnering with us, please get in touch with us and we’ll discuss how we can work together.

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