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Written by on February 19, 2016

The mobile game entrepreneurs invests millions in Dog Buddy, through their venture capital company Sweet Capital, to make life easier for dog owners. The business idea is rather simple. It’s about connecting dog owners with daycare centers and dog hotels. Some people leave their dog when they go to work, others leave their dog when […]

Written by on January 29, 2016

Stockholm is the centre for the game studio-founders new fund. The men behind Candy Crush Saga, Sebastian Knutsson, Thomas Hartwig, Patrik Stymne, Riccardo Zacconi and Lars Markgren have gone below the radar with their new investment fund. The company, Sweet Capital, will be led by the Danish co-founder Christian Dörffer. The company is looking establish itself in […]

Written by and on May 30, 2014

Here in Stockholm, we know great things are happening in our startup community. It’s time to make sure the rest of “startup world” knows what’s going on here! In order to do so, we’ve teamed up with the Stockholm Business Region to generate content with an aim of spreading the word about our great startup community – here in Stockholm, but of course throughout Sweden and the Nordics too.

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