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Creandum are great believers in the power of strong ecosystems and Swedish Startup Space is a great initiative to further strengthen the Swedish startup ecosystem.

Staffan Helgesson, General Partner at Creandum

Reaching out to our visitors

Swedish Startup Space is becoming the premier online destination for all news relating to Internet, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Startups in Sweden. Started by Anders Hassis, James Pember and Pär Häggström in early 2013 – the team aims to provide advertisers with a niched and relevant demographic in which to market their services to.

What do you get?

Swedish Startup Space is the perfect place to reach tech-savvy and entrepreneurial customers for your product. We reach a wide range of people, ranging from founders to developers to marketers. As of July 2013, 71% of our traffic comes from Sweden and nearly 10% of our Twitter followers are founders themselves.

Although being at the core of the Swedish startup community I find myself learning about my friends companies from Swedish Startup Space before anywhere else. It’s quickly become the Glue that keeps the community together

Carl Waldekranz, CEO at Tictail


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We can help you make an ad for your company for just a small extra sum.


We have a few demands when it comes to production. All info can be found via the more information link below.

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When delivering the material send it to advertising@thestartupspace.se in a .ZIP file containing the following files and instructions from the more information link below.

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To maintain quality standards, we reserve the right to reject a banner campaign anytime.

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