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Written by on August 14

About 6 months ago, we wrote about the battle of the Swedish restaurant apps. The combatants were the Gothenburg-based startup Silent Order, and Waitress – based in Stockholm. Now, things are about to get even more intense as a new player emerges out of Linköping – here is Kulipa. Kulipa is a startup with a […]

Written by on August 15

This article contains content that was written as a guest post by previous StartUp Weekend participants Richard Smith and Lukas Lilja. A lot can happen in 54 hours. Thinking about joining the upcoming StartupWeekend event? Want to know more? All Startup Weekend events follow the same basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup […]

Written by on August 18

During the 10 week program you will develop your idea with the guidance of experienced business coaches and inspiration from well-known speakers. Anyone may apply, as long as you have a tech-based idea. The objective is that you after the program have validated the customer/user need, identified (built) and verified the Minimum Viable Product, and […]

Written by on August 19

Greenely is a Swedish startup with a vision for sustainable development of the environment. They have created a mobile application that allows you to visualize and manage the energy consumption of your home. Sound familiar? We wrote about one of their competitors nGenic recently, so the space is heating up!

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Although being at the core of the Swedish startup community I find myself learning about my friends companies from Swedish Startup Space before anywhere else. It’s quickly become the Glue that keeps the community together

Carl Waldekranz, CEO at Tictail

We see more and more world-class companies coming out of the Nordics, and Swedish Startup Space helps us meet them early on

Harry Briggs, Venture Capitalist at Balderton Capital

Creandum are great believers in the power of strong ecosystems and Swedish Startup Space is a great initiative to further strengthen the Swedish startup ecosystem

Staffan Helgesson, General Partner at Creandum

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