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HR startup Teamtailor expands – opening offices in five new countries

Written by on September 23, 2016
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France, Germany, UK, Norway and Denmark. Now Swedish startup Teamtailor is stepping out into the world. “The market is simply ready,” says CEO Jorge Vasquez.

Recruitment startup Teamtailor helps companies collect their entire recruitment process on a single platform. Simply put, they make the  classic “work with us” webpage on the sites more attractive, and offer a custom recruitment tool linked to career pages.

Since the company noticed an increase in demand in recent months, they have decided to expand internationally.

“We have seen record month after record month when it comes to sales, and have decided that we need to launch outside of Sweden. Now we will enter the market in France, Germany, Britain, Norway and Denmark,” said Jorge Vasquez, CEO of Teamtailor.

According to Mr. Vasquez, in August the company brought in $70,000 worth of new customers, and has grown by 700 percent over the last year.

Last year the company had sales of $300,000 and made a profit loss of $350,000. In autumn 2015 the company also raised $800,000 from a some well-known venture angels.

“In the past six months, many international employers contacted us for a demo. Just this past week we have had 15-20 inquiries, and half of them come from the United Kingdom. The market is simply ready,” he said.

In connection with the venture, Teamtailor will open offices in all the new countries.

“Now we’ll try to recruit new talent for the new offices. In total we will hire a 9-10 people,” said Jorge Vasquez.

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