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Conni Jonsson Joins The Ranks Of Financial Big Shots Investing In Tech

Written by on September 2, 2016
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One of Europe’s most impressive VC’s has a secret tech portfolio which includes Swedish startups.

You may be wondering, “Who is Conni Jonsson?” Backed by the Wallenberg group, Jonsson co-founded EQT in 1994, which has since become one Europe’s most respected venture capital firms.

He has not been involved in EQT’s sister firm, EQT Ventures, which manages capital of $600 million and invests in tech startups. Conni Jonsson is one of the co-founders of “EQT-proper”, which usually buys more mature companies and flips them. So far, EQT has raised about $34 billion.

Jonsson is not known as a tech investor, at least not until now.

Breakit can now report that Mr. Jonsson is one of the owners of the venture capital firm Alfvén & Didriksson, which has begun investing in the Swedish tech scene. This includes investments in the podcast platform Acast, bookkeeping service PE Accounting, and the successful payment platform Trustly.

Trustly confirmed by e-mail that Jonsson is “one of several passive co-owners of Alfvén & Didrikson AB,” which in turn is one of the owners of Trustly. It may be worth noting that Mr. Jonsson’s son works for Trustly, driving the company’s international expansion.

Conni Jonsson is far from the first traditional Swedish venture capitalists to invest in tech. We have previously reported that Altor-founder Harald Mix has investments that includes Klarna and IOT company Incell.

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