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Apple’s policy threatens all Swedish Ios apps using bank-id

Written by on June 20, 2016
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Apple’s latest policy change for the App store affects all applications that depend on the identification method mobilt bank-id.

Swedes have become well accustomed to using bank-id to verify their identity online. 90 percent of all Swedes aged 20-40 use the app. This means that banks, government agencies, fintech companies and others depend on bank-id for their apps to work.

Now, trouble is brewing in the Swedish Ios app ecosystem.

As a part of a major redesign of the App Store, which was presented at the Apple developer conference last week, Apple has expanded the meaning of paragraph 10.6 of its conditions for app developers.

Previously, according to the Breakits sources, the paragraph served to ensure a good user experience in general. This has changed.

Paragraph 10.6 now stipulates that no app can be dependent on another app in order to function. This means a no-go for apps that use only bank-id for user identification.

The Swedish savings app Dreams is one of the startups which has suffered from Apples new policy.

“It has never happened to us before,” says Didde Brockman, VP of engineering at Dreams.

Dreams first noticed the change when a new version of the app was rejected.

After a long correspondence with Apple Dreams finally got the news in plain language: Using bank-id was not allowed.

“It turned out that Apple has had a policy from the top that says that section 10.6 applies to all apps that use the bank-id,” said Didde Brockman.

This issue goes beyond startups. Since bank-id is a very common authentication method for many government services, and most major banks, the new Apple policy is not compliant with the way Swedes use apps today.

An Apples spokesperson did not reply for comment before the publishing of this article.

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