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Sam Nurmi Finally Breaks The Silence On His New Startup Dooer

Written by on May 25, 2016
Editors Note: This post is part of a series called Featured posts, presented by Breakit.

Serial entrepreneur Sam Nurmi recently sold his first company, Pingdom, for around $60 million (500 million SEK). He has since worked on his new company to disrupt the accounting industry. He is now ready to reveal some details about his new venture, Dooer.

Last fall, Breakit revealed that Sam Nurmi, who has founded successful companies such as Loopia and Pingdom, cashed in $60 million (article in Swedish) when he sold the latter to Solarwinds, an American software monitoring company.

So far, Sam Nurmi has been very secretive about his new accounting startup Dooer, other than that he plans to use artificial intelligence to create an autonomous accounting software. It has also been clear that Sam Nurmi is betting big on Dooer. He recently acquired the software development company Agigen, just to strenghten his team with its ten employees.

Dooer started out as a software service provider for accounting firms. However, the company has pivoted since then.

“We realized quite early on that we couldn’t change the whole accounting industry by providing a software solution for pre-existing firms. We had to become one of them to be able to give Sweden’s entrepreneurs and business people the perfect solution”, Sam Nurmi says.

The goal is to create a sort of autopilot for accounting where bank activities are directly related to invoices and receipts without the interference of a human being.

“We want to be the first and lead the way, like what Tesla has done with the automotive industry”, Sam Nurmi says.

Have you diverted from that goal now that you’ve essentially become an accounting firm?

“Not at all. We are expanding our goals, not backing down from them. We want to disrupt an entire industry and create the ultimate user experience. That demands a full solution company, which is why we want to automate the whole process. In the end we want to make life easier for Swedish entrepreneurs.”

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