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Uber Gives In To Swedish Regulators – Uberpop Will Be Shut Down In A Week

Written by on May 11, 2016
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The taxi startup is shutting down its lowest tier service in Sweden because of unclear taxi laws, according to Dagens Nyheter.

30 Swedish Uberpop drivers have already been convicted of conducting illegal taxi services. Uber has always claimed that Uberpop is a carpooling service, which would mean that the drives do not need a taxi license. The Swedish district court, however, disagrees.

After less than two years, the company has decided to shut down Uberpop, as a result of the the legal system’s approach. Uber X, Black and Lux will still be available in the same cities as before.

“We launched Uberpop as a pilot project two years ago, and we feel that we have taken it as far as possible with the current regulations. We will continue to work on a carpooling service for Sweden”, Uber spokesperson Oliver Carrà says.

He does not reveal how or when a similar service will be available again, but says that the shut down is closely related to delay of the governments carpool inquiry (article in Swedish).

The company has set up it’s own lobbying site to “show everything that is great about ride sharing” and show the dissent on social media that followed the shutdown.

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