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Hanna Widell and Amanda Schulman Buys A Third Of Elin Ryer’s Classifieds Site

Written by on May 10, 2016
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The entrepreneurs behind Perfect Day Media is entering the already crowded market for second hand clothes online. They have now bought 33 percent of the high-end fashion site Used-a-porter.

There has been a lot of movement on the digital second-hand market lately. The classifieds giants Blocket and Tradera are facing numerous challenger – like Plick and Sellpy, and H&M-backed startup.

Now, yet another player is getting in the game: Perfect Day Media, founded by Hannah Widell and Amanda Schulman. They have bought a third of the site Used-a-porter which is run by its CEO, Elin Ryer.

The site also changes its name to Used By, when the new investors step in. The two new segments “Home” and “Baby & Child” is launched and the company releases a new sales and shopping app. The app lets its user sell for example strollers and childrens car seats from brands such as Bugaboo, Maclaren and Maxi Cosi.

The site has been around for over a year and got a flying start when celebrities started using it to sell their old clothes.

Two of those who have been selling clothing through the site, are the new owners Hannah Widell and Amanda Schulman.

“Considering the consumerism in the fashion and interior design industry today we feel that it is important to be involved in developing the digital second hand market for these products. The timing is right for this kind of business model and Used By is the best in its class, “said Amanda Schulman.

In the app, anyone can create a profile and start selling. The users create and publish ads by uploading a picture of the things that you are looking to sell from their phones. Buyers and sellers do not need to have direct contact with each other.

The company also has a so-called concierge service for which it takes a higher commission fee. With the concierge service, the company picks up the clothes at the customers home, takes pictures and posts it to the site.

The model reminds a lot of Sellpy.

“Sometimes we can have as much as 100 ads in one pick-up round. There are just two of us who works at the company so we don’t always have time for all of them. We want to compete with Blocket, but we need to bring in another party to grow”, Elin Ryer, founder and CEO of Used village, says.

Has the name change any connection to the similarity with the British equivalent of Net-a-Porter?
“Net-a-Porter has asked us what we should do and questioned the similiarity of the name. It worked out fine because we wanted to change our name anyway. We need a name that fits more things now that we are going into furnishing as well. Used By can be applied to so much more, “says Elin Ryer.

The parties have chosen not to disclose the acquisition price. Hannah Widell, Amanda Schulman and Jan Zachrisson, partner at Perfect Day, joins the board of Used by.

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