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IT veteran Magnus Emilson invests in B2B VOIP-service Bitcall

Written by on April 19, 2016
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Gothenburg based Bitcall has raised a $370.000 seed round from early Tradedoubler investor Magnus Emilson.

Bitcall delivers an VOIP service for PC and mobile. Co-founder Alan Zabihi says that the idea is very similar to Skype and Rebtel, making it possible to place call worldwide using the internet.

“The difference is that we are targeting businesses, not consumers. For a company with up to 100 employees, it can be a real scourge to put up a telephony solution. We’ve put it all together in a software service. We want to make it as easy as managing the e-mail”, he says.

He and Ismail Pelaseyed previously founded a startup called Keycrunch, which was acquired by the e-commerce company Jetshop. Keycrunch also had Magnus Emilson as an investor.

Emilson was previously also one of the leading business angels during the dot com period, as an early investor in Tradedoubler among other companies.

“It feels great that he makes his second investment in our team. We want a ‘clean’ cap table so we brought in Magnus as sole investor”, Zabihi says.

Bitcall has grown from two to five employees, without venture capital. Now the founders wants to accelerate growth using the new funds.

“We will invest part of it in marketing to build a customer base, but also on product development. There’s still much to be built”, Zabihi says.

Bitcall already has an app for the Chrome browser and iOS. Next in line is the development of an Android app and integration with other business services, such as Salesforce and Slack.

Zabihi says Bitcall can save up to 40 per cent of the telephony costs for its customers.

“Our cheapest package will cost a few hundred SEK a month per user. Then we will add, for example, integration with other services as premium features”, he says.

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