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Gaming Giant EA Gives Secretive Games Studio Hazelight $3.7 million

Written by on April 13, 2016
Editors Note: This post is part of a series called , presented by Breakit.

On of the worlds largest video game publishers is betting on Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares new top secret studio Hazelight.

Josef Fares, known locally for movies like Kopps and Jalla Jalla, has been involved in the video game business for about five years. After developing the game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons with Starbreeze, the filmmaker started his own studio, called Hazelight.

The studio has been very secretive so far. The only thing we actually know about is that it got a publishing deal with Electronic Arts, the publisher behind franchises like FIFA, Madden and Battlefield, over a year ago and released a short teaser for the company.

Documents from the Swedish Companies Registration Office now show that EA is betting millions on Hazelights first game.

We are not talking about an emission of shares to EA. The publishing giant is just paying for the development of the game.

Hazelights publicly available year-end report shows that EA is giving the company about $3.7 million (30 million SEK) over several years of development. Hazelight has declined to give any comment on its finances.

“I’m incredibly excited about the new game. Hazelight has full creative control which is something that EA respects fully”, Josef Fares writes in an e-mail to Breakit.

The year-end report also shows that the company had an average of 12 employees during its first year of business. 25 people are currently listing Hazelight as their employer on Linkedin.

EA is also the parent company of the Swedish video games studio Dice.

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