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Umeå-startup Sportswik Raises $1.2 Million From TV Network TV4 Group

Written by on March 23, 2016
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Sportswik gives all sports teams a professional looking media coverage for their games. The Swedish TV-network TV4 Group has now invested $1.2 million in the company, which has been founded by former elite athlete Martin Wiklund.

The app lets coaches, players and kids parents become sports journalists and upload videos, photos and texts directly in the app.

Other that the investment, TV4 has also started a partnership with the startup to increase engagement around amateur and youth sports.

“Our goal is to democritize the media coverage, and let all teams be seen regardless of age and level of skill. Zlatan isn’t the only one who does great things, fantastic things can happen in a kids match as well. To get TV4 on board feels amazing, exciting and fun. Our content will be visible on their channels”, Martin Wiklund says to Breakit.

Håkan Rossberg, head of sports and games at TV4 also takes a seat at Sportwik’s board of directors.

“Media has a wide array of coverage at elite level. Five to ten years ago, local media also reported on amateur and youth events, both in the city and on the country side. However, a lot of the interesting things in that segment go unreported nowadays. That’s where Sportswik creates value for the consumers”, Håkan Rossberg says.

The app has been available since 2014, when football teams in Umeå got to test the app. In 2015 the company raised $300,000 from Almi Invest and angel investor Jan Snygg. More than 16,000 hockey, football and floorball and handball games have been covered through the app.

“Today, people might watch a live stream at Solidtango, follow goals and game events on the national associations website, and get comments and reactions from Twitter. That’s doesn’t make a good experience for neither the users nor the content creators”, Martin Wiklund says.

The company has yet to see any economic growth to speak of. But Martin Wiklund is in no rush.

“Our main focus right now is to build a fantastic product and engage the community. Sweden is our target market in the coming year. But the goal is to become a global company down the road”, he says.

Sportswik is TV4’s second startup investment in the last six months. In september Breakit reported that the TV-giant had invested in a live streaming service called Liveguide.

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