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Truecaller Introduces Ads To Its Apps And Reaches 250 million users

Written by on March 8, 2016

The Swedish call service company merges all its apps into one “super app” and starts capitalizing on its user base, Di Digital (article in Swedish) reports.

Breakit has previously predicted that the company will combine all its apps into one (article in Swedish), after we revealed that the company had to let 20 percent of its workforce go, going from 100 to 80 employees.

The new ad service, which will help the company to get profitable, will be highly customized for each individual, according to co-founder and CEO Alan Mamedi.

“We are going to show ads exactly when it’s relevant for the user. If Uber calls you, you might get an ad for a cheaper taxi company”, he says to Di Digital.

Truecaller has recently reached 250 million users, most of which are in India and Pakistan.

In 2014, the company had revenues of almost $1 million (8 million SEK) and made a loss of $10 million (85 million SEK). The company has yet to reveal its figures for 2015.

Update: In a previous version of the article, we reported that Truecaller has 250,000 users. The correct number is of course 250 million users. We apologize for the mistake.

  • Thomas Wrobel

    Really? 250.000? Are you sure?

    • We are so sorry for reporting the wrong number. It is of course 250 million users. We apologize for the mistake.

  • Christopher

    It’s probably closer to 250,000 active users than 200,000,000 active users.

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