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Let’s Deal-founder enters sports app Football Addict’s board of directors

Written by on February 3, 2016

Alexander Hars has bought shares in Football Addicts and claims a seat at the company board of directors. “Gothenburgs startup scene needs more rolemodels”, he says.

Alexander Hars stepped down as CEO of the e-coupon company Let’s Deal, which he founded and later sold to Schibsted, last fall.

Since then, he has spent more time taking his kids to and from pre school, but he has also invested in a number of companies.

In January, Breakit reported that Gothenburgs latest angel investor had invested in the social ad-optimization platform Zalster and the solar cell company Trine.

Breakit can now also reveal that he has bought pre-existing shares in the sports app company Football Addicts. The involved parties has decided not to disclose the amount or how large his share of the company is. Hars also takes a seat at Football Addicts’ board of directors.

“I like the fact that they want to build a company in a different way from the traditional startup way, without depending on venture capital. That impressed me when I met the company last spring”, Alexander Hars says.

“It also makes me extra proud that they are from Gothenburg, it’s great for Gothenburg’s startup scene. Football Addicts is a shining star in our city”, he adds.

The company’s main app Forza Football is currently the worlds second largest football app with 3 million users. Last year, the company released its second app, Forza News. The third app, Blåvitt Inifrån – which was built in collaboration with the football club IFK Göteborg – went live earlier this week. More apps are in the making, but Alexander Hars are secretive about their contents. However, he thinks that the company has “gigantic potential”.

“Their vision, to democratize football, is such a grand vision. They have come quite far already but there are still huge possibilities to reach even more people”, he says.

What will your contribution be?

“I’ve led a company from two to over a hundred people. I have experience with the kind of situations that can appear when a company grows. I’m bringing some experience from the fifteen years that I’ve worked as a founder and CEO. Also, I really like marketing and digital issues a lot. But I’m learning as much as I’m giving, it’s really exiting to see when they build this.”

Do you have anything else going on?

“I don’t have any new projects of my own. I think it’s good to take some time off and not rush into new things after so many years. It’s possible that I will make another investment down the line but nothing that I can talk about right now.”

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