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He got burned out, now his anti-anxiety app has been downloaded over 18,000 times

Written by on January 27, 2016

A career coach, a memory expert and a couple of prominent angel investors are backing the Fyndiq-founder David Brudö’s new company, Remente.

Never before have so many people wanted to be entrepreneurs. A life full of freedom and creativity with the possibility to become filthy rich naturally attracts a lot of people. But few people talk about the disadvantages of being an entrepreneur.

“It was a way of life that burned me out. I ran a mental marathon every day, and I wasn’t equipped for that”, David Brudö says.

He has co-founded several successful startups, for example the e-commerce company Fyndiq and the travel club Destly. After years of working at an incredibly high pace, David Brudö finally crashed.

“I felt like shit, even though I had everything I needed, a fantastic family, a roof over my head and good friends”, he says, and contintues:

“However, I was still anxious and stressed out because of my job.”

He started going to a psychologist and his mental state got better. In the process of getting better, he also became aware of Sweden’s big mental health problem.

“It’s the most common reason for taking sick leave, but most people can’t afford to seek professional help”, David Brudö says.

His solution to the problem became an app. It works like an online mental gym.

“We want to democratize mental wellness. Anyone can get help to exercise their brain with the app, before they get actually get sick”, David Brudö says.

His company, Remente, soft launched its app with the same name last fall. Since Christmas, the app has gotten some traction, and topped the Swedish app-list in the health and exercise category last weekend.

“It has blown up the last couple of days. We’ve had over 1000 downloads per day. We’ve started our social media marketing campaign and the conversion has been way cheaper than we thought”, David Brudö says.

To help him with the content, David Brudö has brought in the popular career coach and lecturer Kjell Enhager, and the memory expert Idriz Zogaj, who was the captain of the Swedish national memory team [yes, that exists] when they won the world cup.

The company is also backed by some prominent investors, like Mikael Pawlo, who co-founded the betting company Mr. Green, and Sam Bonnier, one of Fyndiq’s largest owners.

“We’ve raised about $500.000 so far, but we’re looking for an addition $1.2 million. Our goal is to become the world leader within our industry”, David Brudö says.

The app uses the now common freemium model, which means that the app in itself is free but the user has the option to pay between $4 and $10 for premium content. So far, the app has been downloaded about 18.000 times, according to David Brudö.

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