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Mynewsdesk-founder invests in media tech startup

Written by on January 14, 2016

Peter Engman has quietly left his PR-platform Mynewsdesk to become an angel investor. He can now reveal his first investment, in the media tech company 2Bpublished.

“I’ve been a crazy entrepreneur, so why not be a crazy angel as well?”, Peter Engman asked rhetorically the last time we met him at Breakit’s and Redeye’s matching event (article in Swedish) in november. He was about to leave his company at the time to start a new career as an angel investor.

He is now revealing his first investment. The company is called 2Bpublished and is run by Magnus Enderstein. The goal is to help content creators and publishers to reach an wide audience and learn how to optimize and capitalize on their content.

Peter Ingman has invested $350,000 in the company as a first step.

“Our vision is to make it easier for content providers to decide where to post different pieces of content. We have the technology to, for example predict what will be read, SEO content titles and test the content with the target audience”, Peter Ingman says.

The product as a toolbox of sorts for pblishers with smart tools which adapt to different scenarios through AI.

If you are a journalist covering a specific area, say the Middle East, your computer will trending or interesting content for your audience.

“So imagine a blogger har written something really interesting, but that person has no audience. Our users can find that post and get that out to more people.  We’re trying to find the pieces of content that hasn’t reach the mainstream media yet. News aggregators like Google News, does the exact opposite”, Peter Ingman says.

Is the goal to take over the editors job?

“I wouldn’t say that. The editor is a craftsman with great knowledge about hers or his audience and the experience to know which stories to delegate to which reporters. This is simply a support service for the editor. You could say that we want to build a sort of editorial system.”

2Bpublished is constructed as a network, which at the moment consists of Rolf van den Brink’s business paper Beaconomist and Robert Almqvists news site Ekonomit.

“We’re searching high and low for great content creators who also wants to become entrepreneurs. The idea is to offer all the elements necessary to build successful media outlets. We will take payment in the form of company shares or a part of revenues”, Peter Ingman says.

Peter Ingman is one of the founders of Mynewsdesk, which was founded at the turn of the millennium. In 2008, the company was acquired by the norwegian company NHST Media Group. In 2014, the company had revenues of $14 million and operated at a $2 million loss.

2Bpublished will launch its service later this week and is expected to have revenues of $230,000 during 2016.

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