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Here are the companies that raised the most capital in Sweden in 2015

Written by on December 22, 2015

2015 has been a record year in terms of venture capital. Breakit has created a list of the companies that raised the biggest amounts this year.

Never before has so much money been invested in Swedish startups as this year. Breakit’s research shows that Swedish startups have raised more than $1 billion (8578 SEK) in total. That’s twice as much as last year.

There are no complete statistics for investments in tech companies at the turn of the millennium, but taking the facts available into account, we can make the reasonable guess that investment levels now are at least as high as they were when the last IT-bubble bursted.

We might just be reaching the top of the investment cycle for now. Investors have become more picky the last few months and more hyped up companies are reportedly having trouble raising the amount they expect.

A fresh example of this is the phonebook app Truecaller, which has been trying to raise $100 million at a billion dollar valuation, according to Techcrunch. The Swedish music service Soundcloud has also been looking for new funding for a long time but investors have shown limited interest for the company.

But this doesn’t mean that the money spitting faucets have been shut off completely. Just last week the podcasting platform Acast raised almost $5 million, and a few days later the auction site Barnebys raised just over $4 million.

The fact remains that the year of 2015 will go down in history as a year of extreme invesetment levels within the Swedish tech industry. Spotify is the clear leader, having raised $526 million dollars. Here is Breakit’s list of companies over which it rained venture capital this year.

1. Spotify $526 million (4.520 million SEK)

2. Izettle $68 million (570 million SEK)

3. Saltside $40 (342 million SEK)

4. Bima $38 (320 million SEK)

5. Magine $12 million (230 million SEK)

6. Mathem $25 million (207 million SEK)

7. Tictail $22 million (190 million SEK)

8. Neo Technology $20 million (165 million SEK)

9. Boozt $18 million (150 million SEK)

10. Cryptzone $15 million (129 million SEK)

11. Zound Industries $11 million (95 million SEK)

12. Soundtrack your brand $11 million (90 million SEK)

13. Cryex $1o million (84 million SEK)

14. Inriver $10 million (83 million SEK)

15. Acast $10 million (80 million SEK)

16. Fishbrain $8 million (68 million SEK)

17. Resolution Games $6 million (50 million SEK)

18. Universal Avenue $5 million (43 million SEK)

19. Splay $4 million (37 million SEK)

20. Matsmart $3 million (30 million SEK)

Source: Breakit/Swedish Companies Registration Office

  • Harry van der Veen

    Stockholm is nr 2 in the world after Silicon Valley for a reason. Nice data.

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