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Schoolido raises $1.6 million to make middle school better

Written by on December 16, 2015

Hanna Harge came up with the idea when her son was in middle school. After years of development the service has finally been released and has now been backed by Aggregate Media, among others.

The Swedish startup has gone completely below the radar while developing its service. The goal is to revolutionize school education.

The idea for the company came up five years ago when Hanna Harge’s son Gustav was still in middle school.

“He’s dyslexic and had to find his own learning strategies. He found a lot of information on Youtube and TED Talks, like services for spoken text”, Hanna Harge, co-founder of Schoolido says.

She has worked as a teacher herself and understood that her sons idea could benefit a lot of students. In 2010 she started to develop a demo platform together with Gustav and her brother Oskar Schröder and a year later they officially founded the company.

A lot has happened since 2010. Lectureres, associate professors and teachers have contributed with content for the platform.

“Right now we have lectures from ten different subjects with text, images, audio, quizzes and forums in a superstructure which is directly connected and tagged to the schools’ syllabus and knowledge requirements. We explain difficult terms and expressions with short video clips and animations. The technology enables us to present the subjects in a completely new way”, Hanna Harge says.

Up until now a beta version of the service has been available with just science lectures, but in November the company launched its first complete version with several other subjects.

The interest has already been great. So far Schoolido has 15.000 users from 450 schools all over the country. The service is primarily focused on middle school students but are also used by high school freshmen.

“We live in a digital world and IT should be used in schools just like in the rest society. The school system one of the last institutions to offer high quality software. I strongly believe in an equal classroom and giving all students continuous access to their own learning process”, Hanna Harge says.

Schoolido has also sparked the interest of some venture capital firms. So far the company has raised $1.6 million from, among others, Gelba Management and a number of private investors.

The latest seed round closed this summer when Aggregate Media exchanged media exposure for $700,000 at a valuation of $8.5 million.

We’ve done a quite small ad campaign in Stockholm so far but the goal now is to reach a lot more people. We can already see a steady flow new users signing up and the feedback from the students has been great”, Hanna Harge says.

Educations is getting hotter each passing day in the digital industry, both in Sweden and internationally. We have previously written about Edqu and Digiexam which are digitalizing tests and the Jönköping-based company Digilär has also specialized in digital education.

“We’re kind of a rebel in a very conservative field. There are other digital players but they are still connected to the publishers and existing e-books. Testservices like Edqu and Digiexam would be a great complement to our service. We are entirely focused on the learning process. The market is growing and the digital transformation is going faster now. It’s really great”, Hanna Harge says.

The company’s revenue has not kept up with the development so far. According to the latest available financial statement the company generated a total of $0, zero dollars, in 2014.

  • Harry van der Veen

    Congratulations. More and more investments are happening in the educational space, exciting.

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