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Sophia Bendz Invests In Spotify-defectors’ Walkie Talkie-app

Written by on December 8, 2015

Angel investor Sophia Bendz invests in Roger, a communication app that was launched Tuesday. “The goal is to get people to talk to each other again”, co-founder Andreas Blixt says.

The company was founded by Andreas Blixt and Ricardo Vice Santos. Together they have developed an app that makes it possible to send an audio message to anyone with a phone. Regardless of wether they have downloaded the app themselves. The fact that there are over 70 similar apps in App Store doesn’t seem to concern Andreas Blixt.

“Our goal is to get people to talk to each other again without having to take time difference between locations in consideration”, he says and adds:

“Our friends and families are spread out across the globe so this is an app for them and for us. We’ve focused on showing the right information at the right time. I simply think that our UX is better than our competitors'”.

The company is backed by several prominent figures. Angel investor Sophia Bendz is one of them. The company has been secretive regarding how much it has raised, but confirms that its at least in the hundreds of thousands.

For Sophia Bendz the reason for investing was both the entrepreneurs and the idea.

“I invested when it was just a prototype but I wanted to give these guys and their idea a shot. I think that voice will replace typing in many areas in the coming years, and even though there are like 70 walkie talkie apps in the App Store already, neither me nor my friends have been interested in using them”, she says.

Facts about Roger

The name comes from the phrase “Roger that”. Four people in total work with the development of the app from its office in Soho, New York. Roger is available in App Store from the 8th of December.

Text by: Kina Zeidler

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