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Hockey star becomes angel investor – invests in new type of stress meter

Written by on November 27, 2015

Wearable’s company Linkura bring in $400.000 in financing. Former NHL-player Mattias Weinhandl is among the investors.

Linköping based Linkura delivers a service to companies that want to reduce stress among employees. With their measurement device, the company keeps track of stress levels, sleep, activities and how sedentary the employees are.

In contrast to fitness wristbands and watches, the user doesn’t put Linkuras gadget on his or her wrist. You strap it to you chest.

“That’s how it should be attached for accurate measurements. Technically speaking the wristbands and bracelets don’t measure properly. They are too inaccurate and record only your pulse. Our device records much more data than that”, the company’s CEO Johan Gunnarsson says.

In just a few days the company collects detailed data regarding all the employees stress level. The data is then presented to the employees individually with suggestions of how stress can be decreased. Data for the entire staff is presented to the management.

“The integrity aspect is obviously important to us, for people to use the service. We do not share any data regarding individual employees to the management in their company. They do however get group data and can notice whether a particular department is under more stress than other”, Johan Gunnarsson says.

The company was founded in 2013 but the technology is based on several years of medical studies at Linköping’s university. The company has now raised $400.000 in venture capital to further develop the service.

“There is still a lot of product development left. We are working with the next version of the platform now, we are also venturing expansion on sales- and delivery organization”, Johan Gunnarsson says.

Previously Almi Invest and Linköping University’s holding company have invested in Linkura. They are both part of the latest investment run where hockey profile Mattias Weinhandl is also getting involved as owner in the company.

“I got in touch with the company through incubator LEAD and investment network EAST. I think it is a very exciting business idea and very interesting people”, Mattias Weinhandl says.

He retired from hockey last year after having problems with concussions.

“I have had my share of stress. I have perhaps become less resistant to stress because of my injuries. I have tried the product myself. It is quite interesting to monitor you habits in that way and what situations make you feel stressed”, Mattias Weinhandl says.

The investment in Linkura is his first start-up investment, but he does not exclude a further career as business angel.

“I am meeting some companies in this region and in Stockholm. If the right people with the right idea appear, I’m always interested”, Mattias Weinhandl says.

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