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Health care app Min Doktor ups the tempo with capital from the Avito founders

Written by on October 27, 2015

Dr. Magnus Nyhlen makes sure that your doctor has time for an appointment – on your computer. His war chest is filled with $2.6 million in venture capital from the founders of Avito and Kappahls former CEO.

Healthcare app Kry which allows users to meet a doctor through video was really hyped when it launched in March. But it’s not the only digital platform which connects patient and doctor.

Magnus Nyhlen launched his company Min Doktor in April 2014. Regardless of the similarity, he does not want to compare the two services too much.

“In part we are perhaps competitors but we work in different ways, our focus for instance is not video communication. We find that too much energy is required for doctor and patient to allocate and book appointment for each other”, Magnus Nyhlen says, who is founder and CEO of Min Doktor.

This is how the model works:

The patient describes his or her ailment by answering a few simple questions regarding symptoms, together with brief personal data. Shortly after, usually within half an hour, one of 25 doctors linked to Min Doktor makes a decision regarding further measures. It can for instance be x-ray, blood tests, or being referred to an actual physical doctor.

“Some five percent need to receive a complementary video consultation, but that will be hopefully unnecessary in the future. I am a doctor myself and have seen the great challenges healthcare is facing. I am interested in finding new ways for patients to flow through the medical system”, Magnus Nyhlen says.

Critics would argue that the personal touch might be lost, but so far no one has complained about that, according to Magnus Nyhlen.

“Both patients and doctors are very pleased. At the same time, it is obviously important to move slowly. We are doctors ourselves and focus a lot on patient safety”, he says.

Among the owners are a number of Swedish business profiles. Former Kappahl CEO Christian W Jansson is the main owner, while Magnus Nyhlen comes second on the owner list. Together they control a majority of shares.

The company has raised venture capital during a number of rounds.

Magnus Nyhlen does not want to say how extensive the expansion capital is, but according to documents which have come through to Bolagsverket, the latest round at $2.6 million was during this past summer.

Among the investors back then were Filip Engelbert and Jonas Nordlander (who founded the Russian classified service Avito) together with financial family Wattin through the company Inbox Capital.

“Now we’re focused on rolling out the service to more private consumers and conclude a number of collaborations with insurance companies. We are working with Euro Accident on a customer-basis at present. After years end the plan is to enter Denmark”, Magnus Nyhlen says.

Following that, rest of Europe will be conquered.

“We are looking a lot at the Dutch market which is similar to the Swedish in many ways. That might be our next market”, Magnus Nyhlen says.

Apart from the 25 doctors connected to the service, Min Doktor has 34 employees. Four people were hired recently with a background in IT-company TAT, which was acquired by Blackberry in 2010.

Up until now, Min Doktor has taken care of approximately 10.000 patients.

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