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Here is how boat owners by the Mediterranean Sea and Swedes on vacation will find one another

Written by on September 22, 2015

The sharing economy has moved out to the sea. Startup Antlos want to make it as simple to rent a boat with accompanying skipper, as it is to book transport by car through Uber, or accommodation through Airbnb.

The idea behind Antlos is to make luxurious boating vacations available for everyone. The company was founded mid-December by the Venetian residents.

The service can be described as Airbnb for boats, since you can rent a boat not only for one day, but a couple of weeks if you wish. Parallels to taxi-business Uber are founded in that a captain always accompanies onboard.

“No one is sent away without a skipper. Because, who has the best understanding regarding the Croatian archipelago or the nicest places in Italy? The boat owner, of course, who has lived there the past 20 years. Travel charter services overcharge, while we take a service fee of 6-9 percent on each booking. So we are like Airbnb in that sense as well”, Nordic countries manager, Erik Sterner says.

He arrived early to the company where his task is to market the digital boating platform to Nordic customers. The founders believe that there are many boating enthusiasts and a wide customer group within this region.

“Sweden is well ahead when it comes to trying out new things and has a strong culture of entrepreneurship. The goal is to be as visible as possible. At the end of September, we will launch a video series over five episodes where we have visited the best areas and filmed with a skipper”, Erik Sterner says.

In June, the company raised 500.000 euro in a seeding round, corresponding 4.7 million kronor, from Swedish Incos Invest run by Ulf Ljunggren. The service is available around the Mediterranean but will now also be launched on the British Virgin Islands.

“The homepage will be translated into Swedish the coming weeks. We are also working on a mobile app which will be released soon”, Erik Sterner says.

So far 100 bookings have been made through the site, which also was the goal for 2015 as set by founders.

“Usually it’s not the absolutely most luxurious boats being rented, but the larger sail boats. We work a lot with the boat owners in order for them to be able to offer all-inclusive to their guests in the shape of fuel, meals and port duty. That way, a week out at sea doesn’t have to very expensive”, Erik Sterner says.

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