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Sqore’s job is to help create the best teams – and we’ve started with ourselves.

Written by on September 3, 2015

Five years ago Sqore’s founders realized that they all had a love of competition in common, a love which they turned into a business model. They started a listing site for online competitions, to connect young minds with global opportunities. We were a small team, the four of them plus one employee.

Fast forward a few years later to present day – Sqore has recently launched a platform that brings talent from around the world closer to global opportunities, and that makes recruiting a fun and rewarding process for applicants and employers. The Sqore team has grown tenfold, so we’ve really had a chance to test out our ideas about how to build the perfect team. And today, we’re sharing some of our secrets to building a dream team.

The Sqore way to building a great team:

1. Mix it up! Diversity is key.

A diverse team is important for any company, but if you’re planning to operate globally it’s absolutely essential. According to Forbe Insight’s report on future diversity trends, “a diverse workforce is critical to reflecting a global society and companies’ customer base. Additionally, diversity drives innovation and fosters competitiveness.”

This means that a team with largely shared views and experiences will struggle to work in a world where cultures, nationalities and customs have become global, no matter how brilliant they are. At Sqore we are now over 50 people with more than 20 different nationalities, and our diversity is something that makes sure that new ideas always keep coming in, which definitely has a positive impact on our innovation capabilities.

2. Create an inclusive culture.

Once you’ve managed to get a diverse team the next step is to make sure that you have an organisation that will be able to handle it. One key aspect is to have an inclusive culture, so that no one feels that they are the ones who are set apart from the rest. A tip for creating this type of environment is to use the company values as a center to gather everyone around. Make appreciating differences a key part of these values, so that people feel encouraged to, rather than afraid of saying something alternative.

3. Make it okay to fail

And be prepared for that. You read all the time how important it is to let employees feel that it’s okay to fail. But when it comes down to it, management needs to live that in order for everyone else to believe it. To make this a reality, spread the news about failures! This doesn’t mean harping on things that go wrong, on the contrary, this means sharing what is learned when something fails, thus teaching the value of a good fail!

4. Acknowledge the importance of diverse recruitment

In order to be able to build any team, you have to do some recruitment and fortunately for us the Sqore.com platform is not only the solution to our client’s recrutiment challenges, but also to our own. Since our mission is to create equal opportunities for all, our platform puts people’s skills in focus and not their gender, educational background, or nationality. This helps us recruit more diversity since we give everyone a chance instead of recruiting from the same pool of people over and over again. If you hire based on competency, diversity will come naturally.

Last but not least – as COO at Sqore I believe in hiring the best out there, and giving them large amounts of responsibility for their own areas from the get go. In making this work, I regularly follow the steps shared here. Because for us, great diverse team is key in order for us to continue to grow in a sustainable way.

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