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Uppsala based Imint zooms towards the future of mobile video

Written by on July 9, 2015

OK, so a disclaimer here, I organise the start-up event Uppstart in Uppsala so frankly when tech start-ups like this materialise from UIC (the Uppsala Innovation Centre), to say I get a little bit excited is probably a fair understatement. But I think others will find it hard to disagree that Imint, who were recently featured on Techcrunch are up to something very exciting.

The start-up, who has it’s own patented real-time video enhancement software, has just launched a new product called ‘Vidhance‘. It’s a sophisticated algorithm that essentially allows for live real-time zooming on ‘interesting subjects’ in video, including mobile video.

Automatically zooming in on something interesting in real-time on a mobile device may sound trivial, but actually as CEO Andreas Lifvendahl explains, this is actually rather complicated and requires a heavy amount of algorithmic processing on the fly. Imint originally learned how to overcome these barriers for military purposes, making unmanned arial systems more accurate working with organisations such as the Royal Swedish Navy and Israeli/Asian drone makers. So it’s quite refreshing to think that now there is a potential consumer application that could make it’s way onto your smartphone, as opposed to, well you know, blowing stuff up.

The company has just moved into a larger office in downtown Uppsala, and according to Andreas is now scaling up their team with new engineering & sales people.

It’s going to be exciting to see where this new development takes Imint. Certainly one to watch.

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