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Written by , and on May 14, 2015

Gothenburg Startup Arena is an event part of #gbgtechWeek. It is a mingle party of startup scene in Gothenburg. With inspiring seminars, entrepreneurs hanging around and some firms headhunting for their future talents. It is hinted as the opening gateway to the startup scene in Gothenburg and stepping into those otherwise locked spaces to meet the people behind the ideas and discover what they really do.

“It is about opening the door for you. The innovative you. The part of you who wants to conquer the world.”

In this article we share an interview with Peter Kurzwelly, one of the organisers of Gothenburg Startup Arena

What is Gothenburg Startup Arena?

– Gothenburg Startup Arena is an event to shine a light on the Startup Scene of Gothenburg. It is a place for people interested in Startups to meet, get inspired and celebrate. A place to mingle and meet new people, start new projects and get to know what’s going on. A place for getting new knowledge and a lot of energy.

What do you expect out of this event?

– I expect Gothenburg Startup Arena to be an inspiring day and a meeting spot for people interested in startups. A day where we get to know new people, invite new ones to the community and expand the startup scene. Our goal is to make the event easily accessible for others that don’t usually go to meetups etc. I expect it to be an energetic day and an epic party celebrating the doers, the startup people of Gothenburg. And our goal is to make it a returning event every year together with Gothenburg Startup Hack

Meetup for 100+ entrepreneurs?

– Yes it seems like the interest is really really big for this kind of events, especially with the #gbgtechWeek and everything. Right know I thing we have over 300 guest registered. But it is not only for entrepreneurs, it is for everyone. Everyone interested that wants to know more about startups and tech, and most of all meet new inspiring people

Can you say a brief about the events in the Startup Arena?

– We had so many ideas that we wanted to do when we started, so it was really good for us that a lot of other organisations engaged in #gbgtechweek.

– Gothenburg Startup Arena is an afternoon full of inspiring and educational events. We have a ”gameified hack ” with one of our partners Interaktionsbyrån starting at 4 o’clock, we have some of the most exciting startups of Gothenburg pitching for us and our friends at Startup Grind Gothenburg will host a really interesting chat with the founders of one of Sweden’s most promising young tech-companies among other things. We will present the teams from Gothenburg Startup Hack, announce this year’s winners and of course PARTY, to celebrate the doers. The ones who will conquer the world and make it happen.

Pitch Gothenburg Startup Arena

– Come and listen to inspiring seminars by startups in Gothenburg on how to run a new venture, one of the biggest risk capital-firms in Scandinavia on what factors they are looking for when supporting a startup with capital. Startup Grind will host a very successful entrepreneur from Gothenburg. The Prize ceremony where the winners of the Gothenburg Startup Hack are being announced. Plus an awesome party! Join us! No sign up needed, just show up!


How do i find the event?

If you only feel like checking out the tech community and partying with the most creative and entrepreneurial people in Gothenburg, check out the #gbgtechWeek event page or the Gothenburg Startup Arena page! See you there!

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