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New Independent Comparison Site for Car Inspection

Written by on March 5, 2015

The Swedish startup Carly has developed a new search engine that makes it possible to compare prices, reviews, opening hours and distance to the closest car inspection stations. The service, who claims to be used by 10% of Swedish car owners, gathers detailed information from all 380 inspection stations and presents it to the Swedish public on the company’s website carly.se

“The deregulation of the Swedish car inspection monopoly that started in 2010 has not fully been in favor of the Swedish car owners”, says Rasmus Lindström, co-founder of Carly and continues: “Although there are 8 inspection companies today, the competition has still led to increasing prices. By increasing the transparency in the inspection market Carly wants to make it easier for car owners to choose the right station according to their own preferences.”

The deregulation also means that car owners are now themselves responsible to keep track on the timing of their inspection, something that has frequently been missed. To help car owners, Carly also has a free-of-charge reminder that users that sign up for on their website.

“We just want to make it easier to own a car. We will look into the entire automotive market and add more services on our website within soon”, says Rasmus Lindström.


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