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Drooling dogs and venture capitalists

Written by on February 6, 2015

Or why we’re about to launch a new kind of digital calendar.

In the early 20th century the Russian psychologist Ivan Pavlov conducted a series of experiments involving dogs, food and saliva. In short, Pavlov realized that his dogs started drooling not when they were given food, but when some action made them understand that they were about to get fed. You’ve probably read about it before, it’s called classical conditioning, and it applies to us humans as well. We shouldn’t watch series in bed — that makes it harder to fall asleep (watch those series lying on the couch instead). And we start smiling when we think of a upcoming party — because we know it will be fun… You get it right?

Great, now store that in your short term memory as we switch from drooling dogs to venture capitalists.

We’ve been developing the social calendar Raft for about one year. As good as all VC-firms that we’ve met have told us that if Raft doesn’t sync with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, we’re doomed to fail. Opinions like these only convince us that we’ve chosen the right path however. Because it’s when you challenge existing preconditions it starts to get interesting right? It’s when you dare listen to your users rather than presumptive investors you’re bound for success. At least that’s our bet… After all a chat service that deletes your photos after six seconds turned out to be a great idea. And business people didn’t mind using a phone without a keyboard contrary to what Steve Ballmer thought. So maybe it’s a good idea that a social calendar doesn’t sync with your work calendar? Keep reading and to find out why.

Today’s digital calendars were developed as office tools, and they are filled with stuff you do at work. Do you agree? Think about what’s in your calendar for a second… Probably mostly meetings, deadlines and 2-dos. Some of it might be fun, but most of it is not. Digital calendars have become conditioned to negative feelings. Or as someone put it “Google Calendar is no place for dreams”.

We’ve made Raft to give people a chance to start over. A chance to create a calendar for all the fun things they’re looking forward to. A place for nurturing relations and hobbies. A calendar that might even make people smile when they see what they’ve got planned.

Raft is made in Stockholm, Sweden. It will launch officially in Sweden in the end of January. But if you’ve got access to the Swedish App Store you can download and test it today. Visit www.joinraft.com to get started.

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