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Events Around Stockholm and All You Need to Know

Written by on January 26, 2015

Just over a year ago we’d hear that there wasn’t enough community. Today, there are a couple hundred events each month, with thousands of everybody attending. Events have allowed us to shrink the community by befriending those in it, while growing the community be increasing our activity within it. Here are some upcoming events to look out for.

Monthly Events

The SthlmTech Meetup.

Nowhere else will you find such a high level of engagement with the startup community on a weeknight. Nowhere else can you fill a bar with that many people on a weeknight.

Pros: Free, with an option for 100kr tickets for a guaranteed seat. Discounted drinks at the bar afterwards. The host’s casual style (read: state of origin) means a pleasant amount of F-bombs are dropped throughout the evening.
Cons: A long waiting time for those who choose the free ticket option. ‘Free’ also means a generous time thanking the event sponsors, while the eager audience waits patiently, itching to get on with the damn show.
Price: Free/100kr for a seat.

Quarterly Events

Startup Weekend.

The best hackathon in town. It’s not in a bunker or on some island or in the forest or in a broom closet, but that doesn’t matter. It’s at SUP46.

Pros: There are great designer, coder, and biz-dev bootcamps in the run-up to the main hackathon event. Different themes allow for more focused creativity. 54 straight hours of hackathoning. This is actually one of the best inadvertent team-building experiences out there today.
Cons: Is a Friday to Sunday event. Can be an exhausting (yet rewarding) experience and is an all-or-nothing commitment.
Price: 550kr


The biggest thing to happen in Uppsala since Ingmar Bergman. This event is like a startup party with a side of stage and guests. Good stuff happening.

Pros: The host’s primary mission directive is to have fun. The next event is at a castle. A castle. On top of the actual stage content and mingling, there will be drones, music by a next-gen NFC IoT DJ, and a game projected onto the entire side of the castle wall. Why not.
Cons: Uppsala is not a station on the Stockholm metro, Sthlmers have a tough time getting out of that comfort zone.
Price: Free. But in a good way.

Annual Events:

Startup Day.

More than ten years in the making. This all day event manages to be a heavyweight that still retains the warm cozy vibe for casual networking, and features stories with good wow-factor. Balancing the two is almost an art, and Startup Day executes this effortlessly.

Pros: Great stories. Always. Huge event, but manages to stay cozy. Great mingle-factor. Refreshing mix of tech and non-tech startups and people.
Cons: On Saturday. All day.
Price: early-bird: 350kr, regular ticket: 550kr.

Sthlm TechFest

Run by the TechMeetup organizers. The dust is still settling from the inaugural TechFest in autumn of last year, and the franchise is potentially building up to be something spectacular, even if it lacked the cozy networking factor of other large events.

Pros: Large expo area with cool startups. Adjacent VIP events.
Cons: Corporate vibe/heavy sponsor presence makes it feel like a pay-for-stage-time event.
Price: Regular: 500kr. VIP: 2000 kr.

Good to know

Things to remember: paid events usually mean quality content and a dedicated crowd, but that doesn’t mean free events aren’t good quality too. Also, the effort you put in at an event is often repaid in the sweet network you build. The only way to find out if an event is for you is to try it.

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