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The struggles of being a hardware startup, meet PEOPLE PEOPLE

Written by on January 12, 2015

To kick off the new year (and because their products are just beautiful), we want to introduce you to Martin Willers, a founding partner at PEOPLE PEOPLE. Last year, they successfully funded their Transparent Speaker through crowd funding raising a whopping $170k.

Tell us more about the team and its entrepreneurial background

“The four of us have all studied industrial design at Umeå institute of design ranked as one of the worlds best design schools by Businessweek. We worked on projects outside the school allot and found that we where a good complementary team. Then we went on separate paths for few year working at places like Nokia and Electrolux. We have all brought big award winning consumer products from idea to market.”

What are you currently working on?

“We have big plans for our spinnof brand PEOPLE products, it’s going to be an Acne (quality fashion brand) for electronics. We are well positioned to make high quality design products with smart solutions for the connected generation. During spring we partnered up so we can bring out the pocket watch concept in 300 stores.”

Being a hardware-oriented company, how has your experience raising funds been?

“So far we have only raised 170k USD in crowdfunding. We are now looking for a large seed or a early round A to scale our team and product plans and we have been getting very good feedback from well known investors and VCs. So it’s a positive experience. We already have a unique team with proven track record so thats get the foot into the door.”

What has been your biggest challenge?

“Bootstrapping and going global at the same time is hard work”

“Bootstrapping and going global at the same time is hard work. Our first product is a 850 USD high end stereo that serves a niche market of early adopters. Finding the right momentum of growth where we get that product to market and at the same time building more products is hard. Hardware is hard.”

Are you currently raising funds?

“We are gearing up for our first round of investment later this year. Our latest consulting projects (thats been paying some bills during our bootstrap) have been really successful and we want to follow trough with some of those projects. Shortcut Labs just raised +0.5m USD on indegogo for the Flic smart button and Narratives life logging camera just raised a new round of 8m USD as their the 100m picture was uploaded to their cloud service. Exciting times!”

“We are gearing up for our first round of investment later this year”

We are very excited and hope to hear much more about PEOPLE PEOPLE in the future! In the meantime, check out their website and beautiful products.

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