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Newsreps wants to turn smartphone users into News reporters in less than a minute

Written by on December 12, 2014

“We are Reuters for User Generated News. Our service connects News companies with smartphone users, see us as a User Generated News Agency.” – Anders Nilsson, CEO at Newsreps.

The background of Newsreps was built upon the vision of a free App that could turn the production tool “smartphones” into an opportunity maker. Are you at the right place at the right time, then Newsreps have a task for you. Yet, it would’nt replace the need for a  journalist, they claim that it completes the coverage by providing user generated news and content. Newsreps clients uses the service to reach people when they need completing intel, info, photage and video. We had a chat with Anders Nilsson at Newsreps to learn more about their product.

Newsreps has built a professional CMS* for the News Companies, offering User Generated News as a service. The app users which they call (“newsreps”) receive tasks from a News Company based upon their location, or they simply create their own News Tips and sell it through their platform.

The clients can create tasks, either scheduled or as an instant push, browse through the uploads and grade the provided content. The journalists can simply create the complete news feature without leaving their desk. Once they’ve published the news link and submitted content it’s shared with the app users.

Anders Nilsson continues: “Every news company have their own editorial and production staff and on top of that they have one or more News agency subscriptions. When it comes to User Generated News most companies don´t have a solution, they rely on phone, e-mail and MMS. When we started Newsreps our research showed that most News companies are strong locally or regionally, and only a few on a national basis. So we knew there was a need to connect with people and reach out of their own userbase.”

Why do you want to solve this problem?

The whole team at Newsreps has a personal interest in News and the User Generated aspect of it. Secondly many of us come from a media related background and the idea of sharing is caring, no matter if it comes down to the money or the content. In our early discussions with News companies we came to one conclusion, there was a need for an ecosystem to solve all the parties interests.

Newsreps currently have a physical representation in 4 countries, with their HQ in Halmstad – Sweden and our sales offices in Chennai – India, L.A. – United States and in Brisbane – Australia. Last month they also reinforced their representation with a virtual presence in the Middle East.

It’s certainly an interesting idea and they pay around 7 € up to 80 € in every task: “We pay from 7€ up to 80€ in every task, to multiple app users… We have created another model. Your smartphone is a production tool, and with our app its a money making machine.

“We pay from 7€ up to 80€ in every task”

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