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The Modern Entrepreneur’s Dictionary

Written by on December 11, 2014

Appjection (noun) – That feeling when you’re in the middle of telling a friend about your awesome new app idea and they pull up their app store and show you something identical before you’re even done describing your now useless app idea.

Apportunity (noun) – a great idea that is just waiting for you (you specifically) to turn it into a great app.

Clear-tinted sunglasses” (idiom) – the cold hard shmack to the face of trying out a cool new app only to realize how unmagical and easy it was to actually develop, and that you totally could have done it yourself if only you’d thought of it first, probably.

Clonetrepreneur (noun) – a person whose app site or service solves a problem that has already been solved somewhere else by someone else in exactly the same way. (Pro-tip: if you’re an entrepreneur who isn’t innovating, you are just treading water.)

Dropgrade (verb) – dropping your phone and letting it smash to the ground because you’re clumsy- clumsy because a newer model has just been released. (Pro-tip: Pantaluren.se is a more humane solution.)

Entreperzerker (noun) – an entrepreneur who gets that crazed look in their eyes when they enter a room and see a group of VCs idling by the snack table.

Frownload (verb) – reluctantly accepting to download your friend’s app because they won’t stop nagging you to give it a 5-star rating even though there’s no way it’s even a 2-star app and you’re going to uninstall it immediately because the app’s quality is making you question your friendship and your friend’s life choices. (Pro-tip: friends don’t let friends release subpar apps.)

The “Galactic Yawns of Eternal Discomfort” (idiom) – the awkward silence at an event when your laptop won’t work with the projector and everyone in the audience is just sitting there breathing heavily, getting embarrassed along with you.

Lonetrepreneur (noun) – someone who embarks on their entrepreneurial adventure without assistance, advice or consultation from others, even though they probably need it. (Pro-tip: Entrepreneurship is a team sport, even if you’re the only hobbit on your merry way to Mordor.)

Marathonpreneur (noun) – someone who has the imaginative acuity to go from vision to idea to market research to market validation to unique selling point to minimum viable product to comprehensive business plan to scalability to long term strategy to exit to re-entry to re-exit all in one sentence.

Multipreneur (noun) – Someone who’s got so many things going on at the same time that you wonder if any of them are actually any good.

Nontrepreneur (noun) – That person who attends all the events and mingles and gives advice to entrepreneurs and startups but doesn’t actually do anything remotely entrepreneurial themselves. (Pro-tip: the only way to get your toes wet is to dive right in.)

Philanthropreneur (noun) – someone whose entrepreneurial endeavors actually make the world a better place, and they don’t mind losing a bit of cash in the process. A real social entrepreneurship superhero. (Pro-tip: small startups with big hearts may not net investors, but they might just win the hearts and minds of everyone else.)

Twizard (noun)- a Twitterer so twitterrific at what they do that if there was ever a prize for tweeting they would be the one handing it out.

The “Sardonic Giggles of Unbearable Disbelief” (idiom/great band name) – the awkward silence at a tech event when the presenter’s laptop won’t work with the projector and everyone in the audience is just sitting there trying not to laugh out loud at the ridiculous fact that it’s 2014 and we still have this problem at practically every tech event?!?

Slowstalgia (noun) – that feeling when your data speed slows to a laughable crawl and you’re suddenly reminded of what life was like during the WAP/GPRS days (the black and white days). (Pro-tip: there are time-machines scattered around the city for those wanting to sneak back into the past to re-experience slowstalgia. These include various elevators, some underground hallways, and every single SL tunnelbana train carriage in existence.

Smartup (noun) – A startup that is using spectacularly novel ideas to solve ordinary challenges.


More words will be added as they are discovered. Suggestions welcome.

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