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Mentimeter, a polling tool for meetings announces $500,000 angel investment

Written by on December 9, 2014

Mentimeter enables people to have more efficient, interactive and fun meetings. It’s aimed at being an “easy-to-use, simple online tool for group interaction, allowing you to turn opinions into tangible data, in real-time”. Today the team have announced their $500,000 funding round from a group of prominent investors, including Per Appelgren, former CEO of the largest public Swedish consulting firm Connecta.

On why they’re working on Mentimeter, CEO Johnny Warström commented:

“Internet, mobile devices and services like Twitter have revolutionized the way we interact. Everybody has an opinion and wants to be part of the ongoing conversation but there is one area that has been left pretty much untouched; analogue interactions such as meetings and presentations, says Johnny Warström, CEO of Mentimeter.

Whilst on first glance, Mentimeter seems like a “too simple” idea, the team have proved otherwise, and boast a customer roster that includes Accenture, Microsoft, Oriflame, Harvard and EY, among others. Mentimeter may be one to watch in 2015.




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