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Plick Launches Funded By Me Campaign and Gets Funded Moments Later

Written by on November 21, 2014

Heard of Plick? You probably have, since aside from gaining traction for their second hand vintage marketplace app for some time (which was covered on Swedish Startup Space a year ago), they have been spotted pitching at both tech events STHLM Tech in Stockholm and Uppstart in Uppsala in the last year.

Plick have been looking to close a seed round for their start-up and co-founder and CEO Jimmy Heibert decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Funded By Me which went live yesterday. Less than 24 hours later, they announced a 1.25 million SEK investment from Aggregate Media.

I caught up with Jimmy to ask whether the timing was co-incidental, or more strategic!…

We had been speaking to quite a few angel and VC investors for a while (including Aggregate) but things weren’t moving at the pace we wanted, so we launched a Funded By Me campaign to add in some time pressure, it seems like it paid off!

Aggregate Media help start-ups in a slightly unique way to typical VC’s, they provide heavy advertising muscle to boost the much needed early customer acquisition for start-ups looking to grow. The 100+ media outlets they use to do this ranges from newspapers, outdoor advertising, radio, television to online channels.

CEO of Aggregate Media, Patrik Rosén, hopes that this additional advertising force is going to be a catalyst in driving Plicks growth to the next level, I asked him about the specific channels he had in mind:

Apart from the obvious mobile channels, Outdoor is one that seems to have a strong impact; on the subway, the bus or whilst waiting for one. The mobile phone is our premium entertainer but TV drives second screen activity and it will be interesting to see if radio works as well for mobile services as it has been for, say, e-commerce.

For those of you looking to get a piece of the pie by investing in Plick yourself as a crowdfunder, you’re not too late but given the current pace you might want to do so quickly by heading over to their Funded Be Me campaign, Jimmy explains more about the business this video below:



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