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Following in Fishbrain’s footsteps, The Great Wild launch their social network for hunters

Written by on November 19, 2014

About a year ago, Fishbrain CEO Johan Attby penned a guest post on PandoDaily, entitled ‘ The time is ripe for a new wave of niche social networks‘, where he argued (and predicted) that there would be an explosion of niche social networks, organised around very specific hobbies, products or events. Fishbrain are undoubtedly one of the best examples of a niche social network, and their fishing community and iOS app boasts over half a million users (read: anglers), and on the international side, ProductHunt, a place for “product enthusiasts” has become one of the startup world’s most talked about communities. Given the quality and focused nature of their audiences, these networks get advertisers and users pretty excited.

Anyway, back on track. Today The Great Wild, another Swedish niche social network launched their iOS app focused on hunters. Whilst I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, the app does feel remarkably similar to Fishbrain – users can log their “hunts”, make use of hunting data to find better spots and of course brag about their hunts via the social features.

Today, the team have launched their iOS app, and are focusing on the Nordic market to start with.

Traditionally, knowledge of hunting has been passed down through generations, but now that interest in hunting is now growing, the younger generation demands new tools. We’re looking to build a strong community and knowledge base for hunters, all in a modern way, commented CEO Johan Eldh.

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