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SSES Campus Pitch Night Recap

Written by on November 14, 2014

What do you get when you cross 80 students from 5 universities with 5 pitches to 3 judges at 1 spectacular student co-working space? The SSES Campus Pitch Night/Mingle! The event saw core entrepreneurship students from Konstfack, Karolinska, KTH, SSE, and SU engaging, connecting, creating and discussing primordial ideas that will eventually form the building blocks of spectacular startups to come, in addition to complaining about homework, no doubt.

The judges:

The pitching startups (in no particular order):

  • PeppMeApp – an app intended to boost one’s confidence level with customized pep talks.
  • Von Pappe – a foldable, shippable, durable cardboard chair, available in child and adult sizes.
  • JAHA (Just Another Health App, by EMazingU.se) – an app designed to identify and prevent early-stage cancer and other diseases.
  • Listfix – an app allowing nightclubbers easier access into clubs, in turn allowing clubs to give entry to repeat ‘safe’ nightclubbers.
  • TopGrade – an app that helps mathematics students with their homework.

The bells and whistles:

  • Three 3D printers printing printed things throughout the evening, courtesy of 3DHjälp.se and its founder, Axel Eriksson, who possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the 3D printing world, both on a hardware and software level.
  • NOA Potions‘ Rhubarb and Elderflower Relaxation drink, who, on the same day, won ‘Best Premium or Adult Drink’ at the World Beverage Innovation Awards, in Germany(!)
  • Discounts for Jensen’s Bøfhus (Sveavägen) for all SSES students(!)

After an hour of exceeding the allotted pitch times and invaluable pitching and concept advice for the young entrepreneurs, the judges awarded the runner up prize to TopGrade, and the winner being…..JAHA! I’m excited to see developments from all five pitchers in the future.

The prizes include the chance to post the app site or service on crowdfunding platform FundedByMe at zero initial service cost, as well as the chance to print anything on SSES Campus’ in-house 3D printer (called R3D3 how clever is that), in addition to the sweet sweet glory of victory, because you can’t crowdfund or print glory, yet.

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