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How Coursio is bringing their Next-Gen education platform to USA

Written by on September 30, 2014

In this technologically dependent era we live in, our daily lives are starting to revolve more around online activities than offline ones. Even education is now an online phenomenon, but that’s nothing new to us either. Though the e-learning concept was established in the late 90’s – the sector hasn’t seen as much growth or maturity as plenty of other internet industries. Coursio want to change that.

Coursio makes online education accessible to organizations aiming to create a scalable education offering online and grow their business. Coursio is a simple publishing service for creating a new education experience by publishing all sort of content: simple texts, images, video files or audio files.

Coursio’s objective is to offer everyone an optimised online education experience, accessible from every device. You can create a course you want to teach and a you’re given a way to interact with your students online. The service is not only limited to individuals but is open to education-oriented organizations as well.

Coursio started in Stockholm but has now moved parts of the company to San Francisco. The company launched its service internationally last month and are aiming to rapidly grow on the US market. It will be interesting to see if the company can have the same impact on the US market as they had on the Swedish.

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