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17 year old app developer creates TeamPics, a “private Instagram” for your company

Written by on September 26, 2014

TeamPics makes it easier for colleagues to share great moments together. Snap a picture, share it with your colleagues, browse through your company’s feed and get notified when colleagues like or comment on your photos. TeamPics is a photo sharing app for the millions of small and large companies that want to strengthen their company culture and communication through images. In just a few minutes any company can get started and start sharing images internally in a fun way.

TeamPics was created by David Gabor, a 17 year old app developer, which makes the feat fairly impressive – but also shows how the development of products has been democratised.

We thought it was absurd that it was still difficult to share images with your colleagues. Many teams use email or text messages, but that’s far more complicated than how we share images in our personal lives, says founder David Gabor.

We probably shouldn’t be swayed by things like this, but the company have Mattias Swenson as an “active co-founder” and advisor. Mattias is one of the founders of Bloglovin, one of Stockholm’s hottest consumer startups, boasting over 30 million users and a new round of funding recently closed.

Whilst, the cynic in me isn’t quite sure how this product can grow beyond an in-company novelty tool – I’m definitely hoping I’m proved wrong!

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