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Clovedu – a social e-learning platform with marketplace features

Written by on September 25, 2014

Clovedu is a social e-learning platform with marketplace features.

Igor Krasilnikov, web developer by profession, came up with the idea of Clovedu when he himself was trying to teach simple web development to his friends. He found the entire concept of teaching and learning online quite difficult so he decided to dig deeper into the issues and create a solution of his own.

After doing a lot of customer research he came to the conclusion that there were tons of people who wanted to teach but lacked the correct tool or platform for online education. Existent e-learning platforms such as Coursera and exD mainly focus on institutes and universities. What he wanted to do was make e-learning easily available to the mass crowd and small companies as well.

Clovedu acts like a social platform where anyone can easily create their own courses and interact with other teachers and students. This allows users to motivate each other which hopefully results in faster progress. It claims to be a user-friendly, efficient and flexible platform for distant learning.

Clovedu provides three chief tools which are:

  1. Online course constructor where a teacher create the course, decides the price if any, add lectures and homework and see students’ progress and statistics.
  2. Marketplace with categorized courses for everyone to study.
  3. Study room where students go through lectures, do homeworks and communicate with each other and the teacher.

This Swedish startup is still very young, founded in April 2014. According to the team, the will start off with hobby courses such as dance, photography, music and then advance to education coursed like natural sciences, languages and humanities in the future. Clovedu is currently in beta but the goal is to be an established online education platform within a year, with one hundred courses and more than 10 000 students. The challenge for them now is to make it so.

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