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Dagens Industri Journalist Turns Entrepreneur For 100 Days

Written by on September 24, 2014

One of our Sweden’s leading business journalists, Stefan Lundell, a journalist at Dagens Industri, and also podcaster at DigitalPodden, has just announced that he’s going to be leaving his “daily reporting duties” to work on a side project, with the goal of increasing digital revenues for Dagens industri.

We caught up with Stefan for a brief chat about this venture.

The mission was simple; launch a sustainable business idea in 100 days

The editor at Dagens Industri, gave Stefan an offer to start working on a startup for three months. Stefan has had aspirations since he was a teenager about starting his own business, so he was eager to jump on the offer. Stefan continues:

 “If I don’t do it this time, there is no longer any doubt that I am in fact lazy and a coward”.

The mission was simple; come up with – and launch a sustainable business idea in 100 days. The deadline is January 2015 when he will present the idea to the management at DI. It’s worth noting that this seems like a relatively clever idea, since the move towards digitalisation has been a thorn in the sides for traditional media companies for many years. Readers are abandoning paper magazines for digital media and for many publishers, traditional web-based banner advertising is on the decline.

To make it more interesting, he will be located at SUP46 in central Stockholm during the project. The biggest advantage according to Stefan: “The network of exciting and knowledgeable people that will help and inspire me”.

His idea in general is something that can create a significant revenue for his employer Dagens Industri:

“I’m already working on an embryo for a business model that will have two legs to stand on. Another one is the pod (Digitalpodden) that we want to bring a subscription model to and double the amount of episodes we are producing”.

Speaking about the Swedish technology scene, Stefan notes that Jan Stenbeck and Louise Eriksson are two of his favourite entrepreneurs: “Jan has completely crushed the monopoly that existed in the TV and telecom industry and Louise is a serial-entreprenuer that has a “drive” and an ability to sell you on something without you even noticing it”.

Will Stefan be able to execute so rapidly on a new media business-model? Will he have enough time? Will having the security of a cushy full-time job hold him back?

“That will only make it more fun. I like making things backwards! I also like that the project is limited in time and completely open for people to follow – it will add a lot of positive pressure for me”.

Stefan urges anyone who has advice and are willing to give feedback to contact him. He wants to hear both good and bad feedback! Follow his progress here: http://www.di.se/artiklar/2014/9/19/du-kan-hjalpa-honom-till-succe/

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