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Reinventing DJing for the touchscreen, meet Pacemaker

Written by on September 23, 2014

Pacemaker reminds you of a traditional DJ setup but when actually using it you’ll notice that it’s radically different as the two decks contains the controls to manipulate the sound. Pacemaker is the Spotify-enabled iPad version of the portable DJ system, the Pacemaker device. The amateur DJ market is stuffed with competitors – including names like Native Instruments and new entrants like Mixvibes and Algoriddim.

Apps have become the software alternative to many instruments and tools, making them readily available on smartphones and tablets. You can now always carry around a set of drums or guitar on your smartphone. Each app has its own particular value to a specific user and Pacemaker is no exception there.

Take any music from local files on your device, streamed from Spotify or bought from iTunes, select your choice of mix and simply hit sync! The Match Machine, Pacemaker’s smart suggestion search engine allows you to find tracks that match the ones that are currently on play, relieving a DJ from their most terrifying dilemma as to which track to play next.

For Jonas Norberg, CEO and one of the co-founders of Pacemaker, coming up with a DJ interface that felt native to today’s touch devices was the whole point. Pacemaker was designed by three enthusiasts from completely different fields who share a passion for music. Jonas Norberg, Daniel Wallner (CTO and co-founder) and Olof Berglöf, (CMO and co-founder) came together to make mixing music easier than ever. The first DJ app for iPad with Spotify connection.

Olof Berglöf explains their market strategy and how it is increasing: “Download numbers for these kinds of apps are up to 30 million worldwide and increasing so you could say that the market is quite big, it’s just that no one has cracked the code and made it easy to DJ yet. Pacemaker does just that, we make it easy for anyone to mix music. And as we partnered with Spotify to make it possible to mix streamed music, we’re tearing down another barrier for anyone to have fun with music.”

“Download numbers for these kinds of apps are up to 30 million worldwide and increasing so you could say that the market is quite big”

The app was launched in February this year, and already has had a tremendous response from both users and the press.

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