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Versatile Security Wants To Expand Into America and Asia with their IAM technology

Written by on September 22, 2014

Versatile Security is a Swedish startup, developing and selling identity and access management (IAM) systems centred on the usage of smart cards. With state-of-the-art software managing verification devices such as smart cards, phones and tablets, this company intends to provide affordable top class security for businesses of all scale.

In this technologically expanding era, businesses are often exposed to the risk of exploitation of their valuable employee information. Versatile Security can provide a safeguard solution with innovative smart card management systems, more cost efficiently than any other solution available in the market. Their sophisticated system allows companies to securely authenticate, issue and manage user data promptly and effectively.

HSBC, Raiffeisenbank, Hornbach, European Commission and Saudi Aramco are just a few of the world renowned companies who have already implemented the products and services of Versatile Security.

Being a fairly new company in the market, since late 2011, Versatile Security has been able to manage over 80,000 devices for 75 leading customers worldwide and has seen an astounding 88% sales growth in the past year. In the next year they aim to advance their business in the US and initiate in the Asian market. Every business requires strict confidentiality of their employee credentials, without any compromises. Versatile Security is capable of that exclusive protection.

It is really inspiring to see another startup that is focusing on the security segment. Who knows, maybe they are the next Yubico?

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