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Swedish Startup Socialmaps Makes U.S. Debut At Disrupt SF 2014

Written by on September 17, 2014

Emerging mobile social discovery platform Socialmaps is the first app to fully leverage the power of location-based services and social media. Developed in Sweden, Socialmaps recently surpassed more than 1 million posts from users across the world. Basically, if you want to know what your friends and colleagues are up to nearby. Socialmaps integrates feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+ and Foursquare, and posts real-time status updates directly to the user’s map, delivering instant push notifications whenever friends are nearby.

CEO and co-founder Martin Adonis formerly worked at a number of social media companies including Google. He challenged the Socialmaps team to help him to find a more efficient way to stay connected with the global business community as they traveled from city-to-city, for short visits and on tight schedules.

Adonis said: “I got tired of constantly checking different apps to stay connected – while of course relying on maps to find my way around. Socialmaps elegantly unites social and location, and delivers a real-time, integrated view of the information users really want. Foremost, Socialmaps sends alerts when the friends who matter most are nearby, making it easy to arrange impromptu meetups. Even better, Socialmaps highly-engaged users get to enjoy their real-world interactions with friends and new places — without forever checking their phones.”

Socialmaps displays the locations and proximity of friends within a 500 meter radius, and also “pins” friends’ status updates from the five leading social networks directly on the map. Users also have the option to make brand new connections with other Socialmaps users nearby, subject to their personal privacy settings. All participants have complete control over whom they choose to make their location visible, and privacy is the highest priority for the Socialmaps team. Options include the choice to share with selected friends only, or with user-curated groups such as family or classmates.

Socialmaps Application can be downloaded on the AppStore at and on Google Play. For the whole interview and Mike Butcher touring the Nordic Pavilion, check out the video below.

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