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A time-tracking application that stays true to KISS

Written by on September 10, 2014

TimeApp is a time-tracking application built on the basis of the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) -method. The application was created by Martin Eriksson, a technology enthusiast, and Lars Knapasjö, a full-blooded entrepreneur. They wanted to build a high-quality software that is smart, efficient and simple to keep a track of time, expenses and mileage.

The company has a conventional freemium business model for the software application, which they describe as “All Free and All Included”.

The software can track time, mileage and punch clocks through GPS-support, registries, invoices and much more. They also have an internal social forum called TimeBook in which TimeApp users have the privilege of sharing content with other users.

There are two versions of the application: a Swedish version, timeapp.se, and another version, timeapp.biz, for the international market; the latter has just recently launched. The timeapp.se is adapted for Swedish book-keeping and has some special functions for invoicing. TimeApp is an enterprise application, so it is best suitable to be used by lawyers, contractors, builders, consultants and freelancers.

TimeApp is a fully bootstrapped startup with slow but constantly accelerating growth. Two of the largest banks in Sweden, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken and Swedbank, are already recommending the application to their corporate clients. Currently there are two thousand users for the Swedish version of the app, and their goal is to reach five thousand users by next year. They are now building a network for a targeted launch campaign next year in the UK for timeapp.biz.

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