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Are tech-assisted legal services the next big thing in #swedentech?

Written by on September 1, 2014

There’s little doubt. The “legal-tech” space in Sweden is absolutely heating up. In the past few months, Precisely.se won the Venture Cup competition, contract-marketplace Avtal24 continues to expand into European markets and Swiftcourt announced a few months ago the launch of the first digital court in Sweden.

For anyone that has had to deal with multiple teams of lawyers (which plenty of entrepreneurs reading this site have with fundraising) – you know it’s a pain to have two different teams in sync when it comes to signatures, document changes and general status updates. Precisely want to position themselves in the driver’s seat to deliver legal tech solutions in Europe. Their frameworks enable “slick” and integrated drafting, reviewing, signing and analysing of contracts, all of which brings law firms and business together. You could call it a “Google Drive, or Dropbox for Contracts”.

It’s worth mentioning that two of the three founders are fully qualified lawyers, who founded the Göteborg-based firm Jansson & Norin (Editor note: who are one of our partners but had no involvement in this piece), so there is no lack of domain experience on this team. The team are currently working on their alpha-version, but plan to release a beta during the Fall.

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    I would say so. Except UK only Berlin and Sthlm with some movement

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