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Biohacking – the next big thing?

Written by on August 29, 2014

A biohacking community was launched in Stockholm last week. But what is biohacking? Read on and get ready to mingle with cyborgs.

There is a new kind of hackers in town – biohackers. The biohacking community BioNyfiken (eng. Bio curious) was officially announced last week. Biohacking can be described as a wide spectrum of futuristic practices including do-it-yourself biology and high tech body implants. What about hacking your own yogurt? Or why not upgrade your finger with a RFID tag?

What about hacking your own yogurt? Or why not upgrade your finger with a RFID tag?

To be honest, I don’t know if I’m ready for this yet. But it sure is exciting to watch and listen to those who are. Someone said that biohacking today is where computer hacking was in the seventies and maybe that is true. When I attended a unofficial biohacking meetup in Gamla stan a few months back, it sure felt as if I were among people who knew where the future was heading.

Whether you like it or not, biohacking is (as most technology) developing at an accelerating pace. Experimenting with biology and the human body is getting more popular. The international biohacking movement draws its power from the rapid technological developments taking place in areas such as synthetic biology, DNA analysis, sensor technology etc.

So, are you “Bio curious”? If so, get down to BioNyfikens first public events on 7 September. The topic for the night is “How do you build your own DNA database”. Future possible topics include “Pick Your Brain”, “Smart skin” or “Build your own kitchen laboratory”. More information is available on the community site bionyfiken.se

“Modern biotechnology is incredibly powerful, with its help, we can both create and harm life itself. It’s there and it can not be stopped or banned. It also can not be ignored, which unfortunately is what often happens. Our position as biohackare is that it is of utmost value to the available knowledge of this powerful technology and how it is used in ordinary independent citizen.” – Hannes Sjöblad, Co-founder of BioNyfiken

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