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Should we teach programming in Swedish schools? Codarica think so.

Written by on August 28, 2014

If children are our future, we better make sure they’re well equipped to succeed in the society they’ll grow up in. As our society becomes increasingly “tech-driven”, there is a strengthening school of thought that says programming and technology needs to demand more attention from the education system.

If children need to learn to code, Codarica want to be the platform to make that happen. The team believes that programming is the literacy of the 21st century and an early start to learning basic programming and technology is an essential skill for the future. Codarica have built a platform that let kids explore “programming adventures” with characters Holly Hacker and Cody Coder.

Codarica’s e-Book is just the first of their products in the market; currently available for purchase through their website. They plan to launch at least three apps in the next year, starting with their first, this October.

With some strong backing from Bonnier and the Walt Disney accelerator, Codarica are ready to introduce programming to children on a global scale. I’ve heard a lot of criticism over the past few months, probably fair given their product is an e-book, but as this team start to build our their portfolio of applications, and this issue continues to build momentum in society – they’re definitely a team to keep an eye on.

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