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Prove your sporting prediction prowess with social betting platform Bethall

Written by on August 26, 2014

The sports fans amongst us just cannot get enough sports. They want to watch it, talk about it and bet on it. Bethall is a Swedish startup with a slightly different take on the betting game though. Bethall is a social sports prediction network for sport fanatics. Essentially, once registering an account the world of “sports betting” is at their fingertips. Users publish predictions, or bets on certain matches and users accrue points and credibility over time depending on how accurate their predictions are.

Whilst it’s free to “play” initially, there is a credits system in place where users can “cash out” once they’ve reached a certain threshold of points, or credits. I’m absolutely convinced that sports fans will be keen to “prove their expertise” and betting prowess, however as always, building out an entire platform around one simple behaviour will be tricky, and ultimately the key to their success. However, the team have gotten off to a good start.

Since launching right before the FIFA World Cup this year, Bethall has had 136 000 predictions published by 4 000 users across 20 different countries. Fairly impressive feat for just a few months. Over the next few months, the team plan to introduce more sports, develop Android and iOS apps and eventually roll out globally.

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