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Can Detectify help web developers to build more secure applications?

Written by on August 18, 2014

Detectify is a Stockholm based software company that aims to help companies and developers keep their websites and applications more secure, and ultimately, help defend them against hackers. Despite another “-fy” name, I think this startup is one to watch. Security is obviously of the upmost importance to developers and organisations – and by providing an easy to use service (the company promises a 3 minute install), they should prove popular with their customers.

In terms of the technology, what Detectify does is scan your website or application, performing “automatic penetration tests” against web applications, based on the most critical and common security holes.Today, developers run “scans” using Detectify, but the team tell me they’re building integrations with various hosting providers, meaning that in theory Detectify could run scans on each deploys, fitting nicely into existing workflows.

Today, the team have performed more than 11,000 scans, working with 7000 registered users. The team tells me their next year will be focused on building sales and marketing efforts to drive customer acquisition. The product and team seem to be solid, but I feel this is a bit of an execution game when it comes to sales and marketing.

As I say, keep an eye on Detectify though, a very interesting product in an interesting space

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