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Saturday Swedish Startup News – August 16 Edition

Written by on August 16, 2014

Busy week? No time to check Swedish Startup Space? No worries – we’ve wrapped up the week’s most popular articles and latest jobs from #swedentech here for you!

Most read this week

Meet Quick Posture, a med-tech startup looking to revolutionise diagnosis of musculoskeletal problems

Quick Posture takes diagnosis to a whole new level. This state-of-the-art sensor technology precisely analyzes human movement and produces instantaneous animated on-screen feedback.

Kulipa, Another player enters the mobile payment game

About 6 months ago, we wrote about the battle of the Swedish restaurant apps. The combatants were the Gothenburg-based startup Silent Order, and Waitress – based in Stockholm. Now, things are about to get even more intense as a new player emerges out of Linköping – here is Kulipa. Kulipa is a startup with a […]

Staply launch simplified version of document collaboration. Are they crazy?

Staply is a platform where people can share files and discuss them in the same place. Before we get started, yes – you’ve definitely heard this pitch before. Let’s take a look into their chances.

Countdown to Startup Weekend: Health and Wellness Edition

This article contains content that was written as a guest post by previous StartUp Weekend participants Richard Smith and Lukas Lilja. A lot can happen in 54 hours. Thinking about joining the upcoming StartupWeekend event? Want to know more? All Startup Weekend events follow the same basic model: anyone is welcome to pitch their startup […]

Most read this month

Content is King – Distribution is King Kong

Editor’s note: This post was written by Johan Unger, co-founder of Sprinkle. Sprinkle is a content distribution platform for digital publishers and is implemented on over 150 sites. The company was founded in 2013 and has offices in Stockholm, Malmö and Oslo. Disclaimer: Here at Swedish Startup Space we’ve implemented  the Sprinkle widget.  When Social […]

Do startups really deserve more media coverage?

Olle Aronsson, reporter at Dagens Industri gives us his viewpoint on startup-pr, how entrepreneurs should approach trade papers and whether or not tradtional media “do enough” to cover our booming startup scene.

Heatcord, another Swedish startup taking a crack at the location discovery problem

Heatcord is another startup trying to solve the “location discovery” problem. Yes, another one. With that said, they have a former Swedish “Inventor of the Year” on the team, so that may help them in their quest to solve startup-land’s most attempted feat!

Vamos raise funds from Soundcloud and Google executives

In 2012, the Berlin-based startup Vamos raised €100,000 during a “friends and family” round to build and launch Vamos, the event guide on iOS that quickly became one of the city’s most talked about app startups. Today, 2 years and over 100.000 downloads later, they’ve raised a six figure sum from the Soundcloud and Google execs.

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